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Sin Cara speaks for "WWE Magazine" January 2013

Sin Cara gave an interview to the magazine "WWE Magazine".

1 - While sitting with you at this time, we have to ask:

How can you see in that mask?

"I can not! It is very difficult.

The eye patches are very dark and my vision is limited.

Usually only work with my instincts, reacting to time based on how well I know my space in the ring and how well I know my opponent.

I'm almost like an animal in that sense, I just go with my instincts. "

2 - When debutaste, there was much talk about being the successor to Rey Mysterio.

? Were taking that as a compliment or as a lack of vision of the WWE Universe react to another masked Superstar?

"I think being compared to Rey Mysterio is a great honor! In Mexico, King is an icon, then to be mentioned with him is not bad.

But I also do not see myself as a clone of Rey Mysterio.

Our styles are similar, but each of us has something different.

I learned a lot of King.

Be your partner has been one of the best things that has happened in my career. "

3 - We really enjoyed the concept of split mask.

Who came up with that idea?

"King and I had the idea.

We wanted to show the unity between Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara.

It's a dream team, take the two together, and create a mask feel divided reflect the best of both worlds.

It's the perfect way to symbolize that Rey and Sin Cara are united. "

4 - You were a big star in Mexico. Then,

Why come here and start all over again?

"I came to the WWE and the United States in order to grow in the ring.

I not only want to be a superstar Mexican;

I want to be an international superstar.

Do not want to be seen only in a few countries, but in all countries of the world. "

5 - WWE was interested in bringing you in 2007.

What took so long to finally make a debut in USA?

"In 2007, my career was on the rise in Mexico, and felt he still had enough to do to mature and grow.

And there were many things I wanted to get to play in Mexico.

Once you reach the maximum level that could be reached in Mexico, then in my heart, mind and soul, I knew it was the right time to venture into WWE. "

6 - What was the hardest part about adjusting to life in WWE?

"By far the hardest thing I've had to adapt it to the fact that 95% of the superstars speak English and only English.

I am a fighter born in Mexico and never felt I'd need English.

I lived in Mexico, I had my career there.

Not that I never cared to learn English, but never needed it.

Then, working in an English speaking environment has been a major challenge.

But I'm taking classes, study at home and on the road. "

7 - The rivalry between Hunico

(Alias ​​Sin Cara Black) and you was what really put you on the map and marked your roster spot.

What is your opinion about this?

"I loved it.

It was great having to fight with myself, in a way, that he originally had the same dress as me.

Then, when it changed to the black version felt like I was fighting my shadow.

Something that I can not shake, but also a dark reflection of myself.

There was much I enjoyed that rivalry.

And when it was over, I showed everyone who was the real Sin Cara! "

8 - Sin Cara has a rough side?

"I have no harsh side affecting someone else.

But sometimes, if something does not go my way, I explode internally.

I am not aggressive or abusive to other people, but if I fail something I felt I should have reached, I download it on my person. "

9 - Finish the following statement:

"In 2013, Sin Cara will ______, but not ________."

"I will erase all the mistakes I've made so far, if that means being a fighter most spectacular air or be more aggressive in the ring, I will.

I do not let anything keep me away to reach my goals.

That includes living in the past and focus on the negative things.

That's not me, I do not look back.

I always move forward. "


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